Compendium of Tick-Borne Disease A Thousand Pearls


The Lyme section includes: pathophysiology, concepts of resistance and persistence, autoimmunity, molecular mimicry, antineuronal antibodies, clinical course, signs and symptoms, comprehensive sample forms for history and physical, review of systems, making the diagnosis, multiple treatment approaches, combination therapy, flexible and open-ended use of antibiotics, success stories, and strategies to overcome intractable cases. Various options are outlined and explained.

Reviewers who have evaluated the text include physicians, technical experts, caregivers, as well as patients and their families.  All comments to date have been overwhelmingly positive.

Selected topics from the Contents:

The Challenge of TBIs

The Tick

Gentle Immunology

History of TBDs

Concept of Co-Infection




Mycoplasma fermentans


Controversies around Lyme

Other Recognized TBIs

Overall Patient Evaluation

History of Present TBD

Patient History

Review of Systems

Physical Examination

Ordering Appropriate Tests

Scientific Basis & Interpretation

Making the Diagnosis

Differential Diagnosis

Concurrent Disease

Treatment Options

Understanding Medicines


Ancillary Treatments

Alternative Treatments

Supportive Measures

Herxheimer Reactions

Effects on Individual Organs

Special Populations

A Balanced Life



Financial Burden

Friendly Advice


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