This comprehensive medical textbook explores the various tick-borne diseases (TBDs) in a way that is useful for health care providers, patients, and families.



• Health care providers just beginning to see tick-borne illness (TBI) patients

• Veteran providers looking for new or creative approaches

• Patients trying to determine if something was missed in their cases

• The chronically ill needing understanding and support

• Caretakers searching for novel strategies

• Readers wanting to better understand the complex science of TBD

• Those wishing for a comprehensive text covering the whole field from pathophysiology, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, case management, prevention, co-infections, and guidance on living with TBIs

• Readers desiring to explore ancillary and alternative treatments

• Patients choosing to consider all their options

• Physicians learning about successful methods used by others

• Family members yearning for a practical, common-sense approach

• Anyone hoping for a broader and deeper understanding of TBD

856 pages in 34 chapters

Practical advice

Reasonable options

Common sense for all readers

Science plus compassion

All in one volume

Compendium of Tick-Borne Disease: A Thousand Pearls was written in a way that allows the reader to feel they are not alone in their struggle against these complicated conditions and encourages all to NEVER GIVE UP.

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